Question by  cary (111)

Do toads build a nest?


Answer by  Anonymous

yes! toads build nests! They also burrow in them. They do lay their eggs in a body of water, but they do make a nest!


Answer by  sanesh (86)

Yes, toads build nests. Toads unlike frogs are terrestial animals. Toads are mostly 3 inc ches in size. The female toad lays eggs , so they need a place a, borrow or nest. Borrow o on the ground makes, toad safe, they do not like rain or water. little rain or water they come out of their borrows.


Answer by  siva51 (6)

Yes,Toads are build a nest. Which may be placed in home,forest , under ground. Toads build more than a one nest can build at that time. Toads nest will grow a very faster than any other animals.

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