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Question by  jokulhlaup (28)

Do peach seeds contain cyanide?

It sounds like a myth.


Answer by  worker2376 (42)

Yes it contains cyanide in the kernel inside the peach pit. It is a by-product when processed in the human digestive system. It forms an extremely tight bond with iron.


Answer by  Aumin (276)

It is said that peach seeds do contain a small amount of cyanide. This is because while it is in the ground, instead of rotting the cyanide is there to help protect the fruit. Even though there is small doses, you would still have to eat A LOT of them in order to get yourself sick.


Answer by  Sinefey (457)

Yes they do, however the amount is roughly 9milligrams. Amygdalin (cyanide/sugar compound) has been used in dosages up to 500mg in cancer patients.. so even if you ate a dozen pits, your body can digest and breakdown the cyanide. It's a case of Facts blown out of proportion.


Answer by  Trudy (24)

The answer is yes, sort of. Peach pits (as well as apricots, apple seeds, cherry pits, and others) contain a chemical that, when digested, is converted to cyanide. The dosage is very small and is tolerated well. Just don't eat lots of them.


Answer by  bcarboneau (19)

Yes, the peach seed/pit does contain cyanide, also known as hydrocyanic acid. It is advisable to avoid eating them, as too much would be fatal for humans and animals.

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