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Question by  captain715 (25)

Can your gallbladder grow back if it has been surgically removed?


Answer by  PZ (1206)

A gallbladder cannot regrow. If your gallbladder has been removed and you continue to have what feels like gallstone pain and related symptoms, you may have another medical condition such as an ulcer, acid reflux or stones that have formed in the bile ducts. These conditions can cause pain similar to gallstones. Ask your doctor for an evaluation.

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I was just wondering, for my school assimet.
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Reply by Becky1948 (0):
I had CT scan results showed I had a stone in gallbladder,which had been removed in Sept. of 1989. Called hospital about it and they are checking into it.
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Went for pulminary function next day. The tech tried to tell me she had heard that they can. That is why I wrote this  add a comment
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My grandfather had his gall bladder removed after WW2. It regrew, but when it did it developed 3 gallbladers together. We discovered this after he had died, Dr. said its very unusual. This was first seen in an xray, after death it was confirmed.  add a comment

Answer by  Sakkano (129)

No. Humans do not have the ability to regenerate lost body parts. When a gallbladder is removed form a person, it is removed permanently and has a 0% chance of growing back. Tissue in humans and mammals in general, is unable to spontaneously regenerate through natural means and scientists have been researching though reptiles and amphibians.

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but tonsels can regrow  add a comment

Answer by  Emily18 (22)

A gallbladder will not grow back after being removed. However, in rare cases, people may have multiple gallbladders, so even after having one surgically removed there could still be problems with the remaining organ(s).


Answer by  lam (184)

No... once your gallbladder is removed it cannot grow back again. The gallbladder helps you with digesting food. Your body can function without a gallbladder.


Answer by  jesuscigales (4)

I got the gallbladder removed about 13 years ago. Recently I got and abdominal Cat Scam and it shows "a normal gallbladder'. No doubt it was removed since it was infected and the procedure took over tow hours.

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are you sure i was your gallblader?  add a comment
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That is likely an error on the radiology report. It has a number of boxes for the radiologist to check. If the scan is totally normal they sometimes just check everything off including the gallbladder by mistake.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

I got my gallbladder removed at age 3. because my gallbladder was going to explode because it was swollen and had at leat 100 little gallstons in it. Sarden kaswike i'm 32 and single (i suffer from high depreshion)


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"Regenerate A Human Gallbladder", that's I'm doing now.


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