Question by  Lemmy (97)

Can you tell me some facts about dwarf turtles?

How big do they grow, for instance?


Answer by  mikejrham (18)

there actually is no such thing as dwarf turtles. the turtles that are often refferred to as dwarf turtles are red-eared sliders, that are taken while they are young and sold on the streets. these turtles can grow up to 7 inches


Answer by  rpippin2003 (24)

There is no such thing as a dwarf turtle. They do not exist. There are dwarf tortoise. Most likely someone sold an illegal turtle to you.


Answer by  LVGOAG (22)

There are no dwarf turtles. Reeves turtles, spotted turtles, Diamond back terrapins, and musk turtles will usually grow to 5 inches.


Answer by  AshleyS (25)

They are found in cold Quick flowing streams. They are smaller, whice exsplains the name. Some people dont realize that they can reach around ten feet in length. They are not endangered but harder to find.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dwarf turtles that you can get are Dwarf Musk Turtles, they only grow up to 7 inches and are native to canada and tend to live in river environments :) nicknamed Skinkpot because of the odour they release when threatened!


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

There is no such thing as a dwarf turtle. If you want a turtle I would suggest a terrapin or a red eared slider. The sliders are more popular but the terrapins are easier to feed. Just feed them worms and fruit.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

Most turtles sold as "dwarfs" are actually baby turtles, usually red-eared sliders. These turtles can grow to be 12 or more inches long. Dwarf turtles do not exist.

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