Question by  captain715 (25)

Can you tell me how to repair a leaking tractor radiator?


Answer by  debshink (60)

Mark the leak with chalk. Carefully drain the radiator fluid. Disconnect and drain the hoses. Remove the radiator. Clean the chalked area with a metal brush until it shines. Solder the leak. After cooling,re-install the radiator and fill with fresh antifreeze. Bring to operating temperature and inspect the soldered area.


Answer by  meridian (466)

Replace all the gaskets and clamps holding hoses to the radiator. If the water has corroded the metal it may be able to be patched or have to be replaced.


Answer by  worker2243 (62)

put some liquid into radiator to check any leak. if any fault happen remove radiator to check fault and after repairing to fit again. if you cant find fault consult mechanic.

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