Question by  failtorespond (41)

Can you tell me how to determine the right size capacitor?


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

5 watts of power for 1 second is 5 joules of energy. E = (1/2) C V^2 C = 2E/V^2 C = 2*5 Joules/(12 volts)^2 = 0. 0694 Farads Those should be the basics of your measurement.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

Well the right size is dependent on how much electrical energy or voltage the capacitor has. So you might want to calculate that. There is a general formula that can be used in which you can find the energy in the unit of joules. I would suggest you to use this formula: E=(1/2)*C*V^2 ,.


Answer by  mlk (23)

First, have a look at the working voltage and the capacitance.You can use formula to calculate capacitance like E=(1/2)*C*V^2 , If you have value of Energy to be stored.But keep in mind that the large is the capacitor,the sluggish is the response and vice versa.


Answer by  KElectronics (54)

You can determine the right size in one of three ways, 1 Guess: Guess the value by experimentation and guessing. 2 Follow the circuit: If you are making something from a schematic then use the marked capacitor value. 3 Work it out: If you are not following a schematic then make an guess based on the rest of the circuit.


Answer by  BOOPATHI (2)

The size of the capacitor is depend on the charge storing capacity of the capacitor,dielectric material and mainly spacing between the two conductors that is separated by the dielectric medium. And the type of capacitor i. e, variable one or fixed. the charge stored in the capacitor is depend on the spacing between the conductors that is seperated bydielectric medium.


Answer by  Anonymous

what size capacitor would be needed to correct the power factor of the 230-V,60-H,5hp motor

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