Question by  BethCurry (15)

Can you take Prilosec and Zantac together?


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

According to my research you can take Prilosec and Zantac on the same day but not at the same time. Although it has not been found that the two drugs will have a bad reaction when taken together it is best to take them a few hours apart.


Answer by  Angela (36)

Because there are no drug interactions between these two it is possible to take them together but at different times during the day. For instance you can take the Prilosec in the morning and then you can take the Zanctac before bed. It is best to see how your own body reacts.


Answer by  LucianX (37)

Checking several drug interaction list there does not seem to be any major drug interaction. Though some suggest to take them at different times if taken on the same day


Answer by  Anonymous

add your own answer hereI take the Prilosec first thing in the morning and rantitidine (generic Zantac) around 8PM. I have had no problems whatsoever taking both Meds. After 2 weeks on Prilosec, I then take 150Mg. twice daily of the Rantitidine.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes you can im on omeprazole (prilosec)20mg and ranitidine (zantac) 150mg doctors told me you can take them both but not at the same time same day but hours apart i take a prilosec when i wake up and a zantac before i go to sleep :)


Answer by  billy1000 (12)

prilosec and Zantac can be taken togethr for these following reasons. They both do not counter act each other and do not create an unsafe balance of brain chemical.


Answer by  Anonymous

hey there its me reposting again before you goto sleep brush your teeth use mouth wash after all that take your pill but use just enough water to put down the water :)

posted by Anonymous
Why not just take your Zantac BEFORE all the teethbrushing/mouthwashing process?  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

I was told to take both by my Dr. but at different times...Prilosec is a Proton Pump inhibitor which decreases acid production and Zantac works differently as a Histamine Blocker...


Answer by  Anonymous

I came here with the same question. Thanks to everyone that posted. HOpefully I will get some sleep tonight!

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