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Question by  bioone (24)

Can you legally be buried at home on your own property?


Answer by  kittykitty (39)

It would depend on your local laws and the zoning of your property. My property is zoned as agricultural, so with proper marking I would be able to bury a body on my property. If, however, you live in a city or residential zone it is highly unlike that you would be able to bury a body there.


Answer by  Robio (24)

No, in Florida, as in most states, it is illegal to bury a human body in the yard of a residential property. Burial of human remains and cremains is limited to licensed cemetery properties. Government cannot control the scattering of cremains (ashes) so you can be sprinkled in your yard, not buried.

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can ashes be legally sprinkled in New Orleans or New York?  add a comment
Reply by sgar (1):
That law is a stupid as you can get. My land paid for it pay taxes on it and if I want to be buried on it I will be.  add a comment
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and if the gov dont like it, youll be dug up, moved, youre family fined and forced to pay for the new resting place and costs. sorry sgar, just the way it works. but its surprising how many states allow it, they just like you to do the paperwork first  add a comment

Answer by  mariposaman (34)

You can be legally buried on your own property if you are cremated ashes. State laws usually require bodies to be buried in cemeteries, otherwise you need a special permit. Also local zoning usually has to be adhered to. In rural areas zoning might allow you to open a family cemetery, in built up areas probably not.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

In most places, no. Most cities have ordinances that prohibit burial on private property, although you would need to check with your local authorities to find out what the laws state there. But most places will not allow it. We recently had a priest that wanted to be buried on his church grounds, and he was not allowed to.

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The funeral "industry" has you over a barrel, and they rape you
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Its the most despicable "business" in America, and they
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who make laws mandating the use of their "services"  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

i buried my sister in my field and just stuck homemade gravestone out there. got a little static from officials but they let it go no problem, they just said to mark it off permantly.


Answer by  Anonymous

I buried my moms ashes in my back yard in Florida in the city limits, who's to know except the family! These to many stupid laws for everything.

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