Question by  Julianne (31)

Can you give strawberries to rabbits?


Answer by  krizzle (40)

I mean yes, you can give strawberries to rabbits. Is it the best idea, no. The rabbit will eat the strawberries, but they are not healthy for them as they will give them stomach and growth problems. A rabbits diet should consist of 75-80% hay.


Answer by  Anney (6)

Introducing fruits, such as strawberries, to a rabbit's diet must be only done if it is in good health and only in small amounts. Always watch for signs of digestive problems after the fruit has been introduced such as diarrhea. Rabbits are normally more accustomed to their regular diet of hay.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

Yes, rabbits can eat strawberries in small amounts like other fruits. However I would only give your rabbit a strawberry if he or she is healthy. Also be warned, it could cause diarrhea by introducing something new into their diet. The rabbit might not even like the taste of strawberries.


Answer by  maryam46 (41)

yes you can there is no problem in it .they will eat it but is not healthy for them because it can create stomach and growth problems for them.A rabbits diet should consist of 75-80% hay. rabbits have small and sensitive stomach and this kind of food can lead them to a serious problem so ensure good diet for them.


Answer by  supriya (14)

I guess we can give strawberries to rabbits if they like them. since its a fruit it won't harm them.

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