Question by  ElloNello (7)

Can you give me a review of the Coby portable radio?

I am looking at the CX7.


Answer by  Lucy55 (6)

The Coby portable radio CX7 is useful when exercising. Although it is small and durable, the station you listen to might have static or will be different. The battery life depends on what kind of battery you buy. This needs 2 AAA batteries so you would be wasting money.


Answer by  wikaie (5)

This radio is very useful because it's not bigger than an iPod has good sound and it's very cheap, so I can only say one thing: buy it!


Answer by  Macniell (41)

Coby portable radio is a wonderful stuff. It has an amazing quality and clarity in its signal.It even has an handsfree with great sound.


Answer by  cobe (8)

the such called Coby radio do not exist and can not be found anywhere on the internet. It's supposed to be a radio where you can listen the police frequences. And the police one day found it and they arrested all the people in it and they get 30 years in prison

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