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Question by  Craig54 (16)

Can you get pregnant with an IUD in place?

My girlfriend has had one for two years and all of a sudden she's tells me she's pregnant.


Answer by  carol20 (55)

Yes. An IUD should create an environment in the uterus that is inhospitable for a fertilized egg to implant. IUDs also make it difficult for embryos to develop in the uterus. Because of this, women can become pregnant with the IUD in place. While some women's bodies expel the fertilized egg, others are able to carry a pregnancy to term.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

No form of birth control is 100% effective. Even if it was at its full effective-ness the first two years, many things could have happened that could compromise the integrity of the IUD, and make a pregnancy possible. IUD's are definitely effective, but there is ALWAYS human error to consider, and human error means nothing is ever 'guaranteed'.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

No birth control is 100% effective. Though it's rare, many women get pregnant while using an IUD. It will have to be removed so she should see her doctor immediately.


Answer by  Slim (24)

Although statistically very effective, a copper or hormonal based Intrauterine Device is not effective 100% of the time. For the non hormonal type, the failure rate is about 0.8%. For a hormonal IUD such as "mirena" the failure rate drops to even less, around 0.2%.

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