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Question by  knnyrobb (85)

Can you get all the episodes of "Friends" on one DVD set?

Or is it broken up?


Answer by  eyen (61)

Yes, a DVD set titled "Friends: The Complete Series Collection" was released by Warner Home Video in late 2006. All 236 episodes of the series are contained on 40 discs in this set, along with a 60-page commemorative book. It is available on , and its ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, is B000H6SXMY.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

No i am sorry unfortunately it is broken up by season i think they have to many episodes to fit on one DVD. I think they have like 7 or 8 season so 7 or 8 DVDs.


Answer by  Tiberiu (65)

No, you can't, because it's impossible to put 236 episodes of 20 minutes each on a single DVD, but probably 9-10 DVD's will work.


Answer by  matm (7)

yes, you can get all the episodes in one set, but not in one dvd. There is a large amount of episodes so it cant be on one dvd

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