Question by  whatis (33)

Can you find the slope and y intercept of 3x + 4y = 10 ?

I need help with my math homework.


Answer by  holmdeal (58)

The slope intercept formula is y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the intercept. Solve this equation for y. 1. )4y=10-3x. 2. )4y=-3x+4. 3. )y=(-3x+4)/4 4. )y=(-3/4)x+(4/4) 5. )y=(-3/4)x+1 Therefore, (-3/4) is the slope & 1 is the y-intercept.


Answer by  willard (874)

First Add -3x to both sides to get 4y=10 -3x. Now divide both sides by 4 to get y = 5/2 - 3/4 x. Now the equation is in slope-intercept form, y= mx +b. The coefficient of x is the slope, here m=-3/4, and the remaining number is the y-intercepy b=5/2.

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