Question by  Rich (23)

Can you explain heat absorption to me?

I need a scientific explanation of heat absorption.


Answer by  Harry15 (17)

Heat absorption means absorbing of heat. It is similar to the example of sponge. as a sponge absorbs water similarly objects absorb heat. A simple example of heat absorption may be heat absorbed by a solar cooker from sunlight also when you drink a cold drink you find glass getting wet this is because the glass absorbs heat.


Answer by  derpington (6)

when energy in any form is applied to a substrate and converted either to heat whereby the energy causes increased translational movement on a molecular level, or when that kinetic energy is absorbed by colliding with another substrate which converts the energy into chemical energy or another form.


Answer by  vtfishman (72)

Heat absorption is related to an objects "specific heat" capacity. Depending on the properties of an object, especially density, the object can heat up or cool down by absorbing heat from the surrounding environment. Water is a good heat absorber because it readily takes in heat energy.


Answer by  pavankumartalla (12)

Heat is a form of energy.The rate of absorption differs for different objects.Like dark colors absorb more heat and light colors absorb less heat.For example when we try to cook chicken,it absorbs less heat to get cooked initially and later it absorbs more heat and becomes more juicy to eat.


Answer by  MzVickie (186)

Heat absorption is the process of heat flowing into a substance. The molecues of the substance accept the heat energy into it. Some things "hold" or absorb the heat longer than others and stay hotter longer than others.

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