Question by  Paul (25)

Can you add air to nitrogen filled tires?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Yes you should be able to add air to a nitrogen charged tire. Oxygen and nitrogen don't have any problem being mixed. However you want receive the full benefits of of the nitrogen. If you just need to temporarily fill it then you should be fine. It may need flushed before it is refilled though.


Answer by  worker4321 (104)

No. It will be a huge mistake. Don't try this. Your tire can explode,or in time can loose it's efficency. Also,if you still want to do this to emprove the performance for a short time,go to an authorized person,don't do it yourself.

posted by Anonymous
Why would you make a comment like this? Clearly, you know nothing about tires and are only going off the hype you were told... Do your research next time. Nearly every reputable source on the subject advises that a tire will not explode when air is added.  add a comment

Answer by  balaji35 (25)

Air is 78% nitrogen,and most tyres are inflated with air,so mixing pure nitrogen with air would not be a problem. of course you can ,and unless you drive at sustained speed above 200 MPH don't even need nitrogen in your tyres. nitrogen is in the air around you,so you should have a problem by mixing it with air in the tires.


Answer by  sathya (237)

It depends on the emergency, you can add air to a flat or low on preasure tires by defalting the remaining nitrogen and add the air. However please convert to nitrogen whenever it is possiable.


Answer by  UKSports123 (12)

You can obviously add air to a nitrogen filled tire since they are both gases and are simply occupying a space. Oxygen will tend to seep out faster that the nitrogen so you would need to have it replaced with nitrogen soon if you want the savings of nitrogen.

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