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Question by  vidhyaashok (19)

Can someone suggest some awesome softball team names?

We vote on a team name this week.


Answer by  JumpingJoeGastineau (60)

Take your work's or town's prefix and follow it with one of these awesome suggestions:... Vipers.... Jackrabbits.... Sun Devils.... Sledgehammers... Humdingers... Manta Rays... Firebrands.... or Rebels?


Answer by  josh34 (62)

Well this is a great question! How about Big Bat beauties or Losuiville Lovelies. Fat stick Diva's is also another one if this is for a womans softball team. You can also use team names from proffessional sprt teams such as the yankees, tigers, angels, or more team names of that nature.


Answer by  Shankalot (484)

There are a number of out of the ordinary, awesome names for softball teams. Softball is a great sport, requires quickness afoot and with the arm. I like Roaring Panthers and Flying Tigers as names. Maybe for a girls' team it might be a little risque, but Swinging Chicks or Sweet Peas.


Answer by  Robinsbooks (164)

The best team names play off some characteristic of its members (an occupation, background, neighborhood, etc. ) However, if you need an all-purpose name, one suggestion would be to call your team Our Balls Aren't Soft.


Answer by  bill14 (308)

I would suggest: sluggers, crushers, slow-pokes, cow-pokes, something involving your sponsors, aging goons, home run hitters, monsters, power bunters, or perhaps crazy monkeys.

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