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Question by  ramses200 (34)

Can raisins go bad?

Do they have a shelf life?


Answer by  Anonymous

I've had this 36 oz zip lock bag of Sun-Maid raisins since 2004 in a cupboard, that's 6 years and they are soft,easily chew-able but are unusually sweet. amazing

posted by Anonymous
Agreed! I just opened a bag from 2007 and they are perfectly fine.  add a comment

Answer by  Che (425)

Raisins can last a long time if they are wrapped well or put in a zip lock bag. However, after time they do get hard and grainy.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

Raisins should be fine for many months if kept in a cool dry place, especially if the package is unopened. They're more likely to get very dry than spoil.


Answer by  Bob4260 (88)

Yes, they can go bad. Often they are made with preservatives, and that will lengthen their shelf-life. See the can or container for the best-by date, or check the manufacturers website for more info.


Answer by  str8upcutie83 (471)

Raisins do bad at some point and time. Fresh raisins are plump. Raisins that are old tend to shrivel up more than their current state and are very hard. They also tend to take longer to chew.


Answer by  Anonymous

we had so old ones we put in cookies, rehidrated them in water. Ate some and got stomach issues the next day, the only this dif we ate. This was my vote for heck yeah rasins can go bad


Answer by  Anonymous

according to sun-maid their raisins never never go bad or dry up!


Answer by  Anonymous

mine were three yrs past expiration date and still chewy. girlfriend made me throw out. she has raisin bran with rocks in it, much harder raisins!

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