Question by  nikhil303 (11)

Can I use Rosetta to learn Serbian language?

I want to use Serbian language.


Answer by  mamapuppy (241)

At this time, Rosetta does not offer Serbian as one of its 31 languages. If you want to learn Serbian, you can do research on the Internet to find one of several other programs that you can buy or use. You can also look for offline teachers in your area to learn Serbian.


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

Serbian language is not supported at the moment using the Rosetta Stone computer program for learning a language. In fact, none of that area's languages are supported. The nearest is Russian.

posted by Anonymous
I was going to suggest Croatian as an alternative, but you're right -- Russian is the most similar one currently available. They'll get to Serbian, I'm sure.  add a comment

Answer by  vera0514 (26)

Rosetta Stone offera a cd-rom Language course on the Serbian Language. Rosetta Stone offers her levels individually at $299. You can also purchase 2 levels for $495 or you have the option to purchase all 3 levels at for $695.


Answer by  desperateserbian (4)

If lots of people request it, the Rosetta Stone people told me that they will be more inclined to create a Seriban course. They obviously don't think Serbian is sought-after. Send them a request and tell all your friends/family to do the same!


Answer by  versace (17)

No you cannot use rosetta to use serbian language. one of the sad languages is serbian language. very difficult to understand and very difficult to learn and very difficult to speak too. you can as well go to some class for learning serbian language, or better place would be serbia.

Reply by apple (447):
I think you're wrong! Serbian isn't a *sad* language. On the contrary -- it's beautiful!  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
I beg to differ. Serbian is an extremely easy language to learn! And sad.. no way! It's a beautiful language! I learned it from my wife and taught it to my kids in only 1 year.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
every foreign language is very hard to learn. that's why it's called a "foreign" language, idiot.  add a comment

Answer by  spat440 (9)

Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone does not offer software to help you learn Serbian. They do offer software for thirty other languages that may be of interest to you.

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