Question by  catneb (97)

Can I use a Net10 SIM card in a Virgin Mobile phone?


Answer by  DjCEON (25)

The Answer is No. Net10 uses a different technology. Their Phone and Sim card is designed to work on their network with their assign plans. The Virgin Mobile phone will not read the sim card even if its inserted. Unlocking it will not resolve to success in making the sim card work.


Answer by  GucciBear (18)

The only way to use a different SIM card in another phone is if the phone is unlocked. Unless Your cellphone provider Net10 runs on the same frequency as the phone. Take the battery from the back of the phone and see what frequency it runs.


Answer by  brett13 (2)

so if u have a net10 phone and u want to change the plan to virgin mobile u can?


Answer by  kylesalmons (23)

No, sorry. Ive tried this before and it didnt work. Just use either Net10 or Virgin Mobile. I would suggest Net10 even though their phones arent very nice,they are cheap though!

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