Question by  sasa (5)

Can I put cat litter in a guinea pig cage?


Answer by  kayers (281)

As long as it is unscented and natural cat litter, you can put it in with a guinea pig. It is important to choose a natural and unscented litter because guinea pigs sometimes try to eat it. Make sure to change it dailyto keep the cage sanitary and to keep your pet healthy.


Answer by  TracyAnn (16)

No not at all! Alot of people dont know this but it can damage your guinea pigs lungs. Get a better litter at petsmart or petco get "CAREFRESH" its best for your pets lungs :D


Answer by  Meowzer (392)

No, cat litter should not be used in a guinea pig cage. You can use kiln dried pine, or recycled paper bedding such as Carefresh or Yesterday's News however. If you are trying to litter train the guinea pig use a different type of litter in the litter pan to the regular cage.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

I wouldn't if I were you. Guinea pig cages are rather small for tiny kittens; especially when they get old enough to move around. If the guinea pig is in there that just makes it worse. Of course if you're trying to expose them to your other pets, good idea.


Answer by  Requin (290)

Cat litter can help to control smells from your guinea pig's waste and make cleaning the cage easier, but you should make sure to avoid any litters that are excessively dusty or chemically treated as this can cause health problems for you guinea pig.

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