Question by  Mark39 (21)

Can I put borax on my dog?


Answer by  lovepawsandclaws (56)

Yes, There is actually a remedy for dogs skin conditions (Including Mange) that includes Borax. The remedy is 16 oz peroxide, 8 tbs borax detergent, 2 cups warm water. The borax and peroxide must be mixed first and the water added last. As a dog groomer, I have seen this work for many of my customers.

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I believe many of you may be confusing the effects use boric acid instead of borax. My dog has mange and I've been treating her with Ivomec (as per vet prescription). The Ivocmec seemed to be helping very little. The borax solution mentioned is the only thing giving visible results.  add a comment

Answer by  Ladymacbeth1980 (86)

Absolutely not. Borax is a harsh chemical that could burn your dogs skin or injure your dog. If a dog needs to be cleaned you should use a pet specific soap. Putting borax on your dog could qualify as animal abuse.

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You don't really know very much about borax, I can see. What a shame that yours is the number one answer.  add a comment
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This is such BS, most "dog specific" shampoos & products contain more harmful chemicals such as artificial colors that contain heavy metals, artificial fragrances which are neurotoxic, pthalates, alcohols which are stripping & damaging to the skin, parabens & propylene glycols & more! Borax is much safer. Check out EWGdotorg  add a comment
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r u a professional like the lady above u?  add a comment

Answer by  Chris3456 (37)

no, it could do some serious harm to the dog, it will destroy their skin and coat. Use a good flea dip or shampoo and wash all the bedding. That's it:)


Answer by  Marsholio (79)

I would not put any harsh cleaning agent on an animal. Stick to products you get from pet stores, vet offices, or even wal mart. There are plenty of options without risking the dog's health.

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Seriously? You consider borax to be harsh, but not what's in the products that are mass marketed? Weird. Humans use borax both externally and internally, why shouldn't dogs?  add a comment

Answer by  Serafinah (232)

No! Please do NOT put Borax on an animal or a human! Why are you feeling the need to do this? There are many GREAT products available to clean a very dirty dog - go to the local pet store and find one...


Answer by  Anonymous

Borax alone can be put on carpeting to kill fleas. Light dusting, leave on 24 hours and vacuum. My vet recommends Adams shampoo, they said Hartz and Sergents destroys the Frontline action and is bad. A product called Seven dust can be used on lawns. Use a flea comb also.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

No, borax can seriously harm a dog. If you want to kill fleas, you can use a flea treatment such as Frontline, or you can give the dog a bath with Dawn dishsoap, which also kills fleas.


Answer by  nikkisons (30)

No do not put borax's on your dog! This is a laundry cleaner and a harsh chemical. If you use this on your dog will get very sick.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think that the posters here are confusing borax with boric acid. They are NOT the same thing. Borax is NOT going to destroy your dog's skin or coat, it will NOT cause them any harm. Go to earthclinic and read up on using borax. Please.


Answer by  Anonymous

this place sucks if these are the answers you get from a simple borax question.

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