Question by  Aubrey (356)

Can I convert a scanned .jpeg into an MS Word document file?


Answer by  worker7836 (12)

If the jpeg has text in it you can use OCR software to extract th text and copy it into a MS Word file. If the jpeg is not text then it is possible to embed that file into a MS Word document, however there is no way to directly convert from jpeg to MS word without an intermediate program.


Answer by  ralig (78)

Open Microsoft Word and create a new blank document. In your new document, click on "Insert." After that, click on "Insert Picture", select your .jpeg then click "Insert." Drag the corners of your picture to make it fill the page. Save your Word document.


Answer by  DogByte (6)

Yes, just go to Microsoft Word and go to the top of the screen, click Insert, then click Picture. Find your scanned jpeg on your computer/memory storage device and insert it. Then just save the document. You can do the same in WordPad, save it as .rtf.


Answer by  Ilian000 (22)

Yes, open MS Word. Then drag the jpeg to the decument and you are done. You can edit the picture by clicking it; a little box wil pop up. If you are done, save it in a folder ex. Desktop. This method works also with Open Office, a free office solution.


Answer by  prathap81 (19)

Yes. The conversion is possible. Create a new word document. Choose the insert menu item and then click the insert image sub menu item. Then browse and choose the image location from your hard drive. Insert the image into a blank document and finally save the document as a MS word file.


Answer by  remisha (15)

Yes. First you must save the image in "TTIF" format. Then go to MS Office Imaging. Open the file in TTIF format, go to tools and send text to word.


Answer by  bryolson (32)

Not easily. You need special software that can read text of the scanned image and then create a text file from that. Some scanners come with this software, but you will need to follow the directions of the specific software in order to determine what must be done in your situation.


Answer by  hymanrichard (78)

the only thing you can do is save the jpeg then insert it as a picture file and fit it to page


Answer by  zacanger (434)

You sort of can, yes. After scanning an image and getting a JPEG file, simply drag it or import it into a blank MS Word document, scale to size, and save that file.


Answer by  arthi (336)

no it is not possible to convert a .jpeg image into an ms word document thereis no way you can convert or there is no software for this purpose.


Answer by  worker8121 (244)

Yes, Create a new word document, then insert the. jpeg into the file. Insert->Object->From File Choose the graphic and it will be imported.

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