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Question by  Helen (18)

Can I break a 2 year contract with a cell phone company?

I've decided I want to go with another carrier.


Answer by  mbsalatino (22)

The answer is yes. You may break a contract. However, will normally be legal consequences. It is possible that you will be penalized for negating your contract early. This will usually result in the original company that holds your contract being able to charge you with fees for terminating your contract early.


Answer by  JamesJoiner (31)

Yes you may break a contract, however, you may be responsible for paying a penalty such as $200 for deactivation. Your new cell phone company might offer a feature to assist you with the penalty with your old cell phone company in order to gain your business.


Answer by  Shelley59 (68)

Yes, you can break a 2 year contract with a cell phone company but it comes with some penalty. I recently asked this same question to my cell phone company and was told that I would be allowed to break the contract but had to pay a portion of the months remaining in my contract.


Answer by  sj1023 (24)

You can break a 2 year contract with a cell phone company, but you will more than likely have to pay a steep fee. Contact your current provider to find out how much that fee will be. Normally, it is around $100-$150.


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

Yes, you can break your two year contract. However, you will more than likely need to pay an early termination fee of between $150-$250.


Answer by  mrserna71 (19)

all depend of the cell phone company, some companies charge anywhere from $150-$250. you have to be careful about buying cell phone service

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