Question by  MarieJeanne (22)

Can dogs eat Tums for a bad stomach?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Tums are an antacid. A dog has no way to communicate the need for an antacid. Never give you dog medication that is not directed by a veterinarian.


Answer by  lex6576 (9)

It is not a good idea to give dogs human medicines or over the counter medicines and that includes Tums when you might think your dog has a bad stomach. It could be as bad as giving an aspirin to a cat which can be deadly. Ask your Vet first.


Answer by  kimmywwjd (6)

Actually yes. My vet prescirbes the non flavor tums when they have an upset stomach and it treats it just like a human. The tums does not have anything in it that would hurt a dog's stomach.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Dogs should not be treated with human medicine for stomach problems. The best way to treat stomach aches is to fast the dog for 24 hours, then introduce soft foods.


Answer by  mb (5482)

It is rare for an animal to have "heartburn", their diet is much different than a humans as they are carnivores and we are omnivores. Give one Tums probably won't hurt your dog but it probably won't help him either. He probably has a bacteria infection that needs an antibiotic to fix.


Answer by  gindeer (81)

Its better to consult first to veterinary so they will recommend what is good for your dog suffering for bad stomach. don't give any medicine if you are not sure.

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