Question by  tina78 (45)

Can companies not hire you because you have a misdemeanor?


Answer by  Jackson78 (145)

If in an "employment at will" state, the employer can not hire for ANY reason, whether it be the color of your shoes or your criminal history, then yes. Of course, the Constitution prohibits companies from 'not hiring' due to a constitutionally protected status such as race, religion, gender, etc.


Answer by  Stan567 (417)

Misdemeanors are not usually treated as seriously as felonies, and most companies will overlook them. However, some misdemeanors may directly effect your fitness for the job -- a misdemeanor theft conviction could be bad, a DWI might prevent you from getting a job driving.


Answer by  Goog (46)

Yes, a company can choose not to hire you because of a misdemeanor. However, the only way they will know that you have one is if they run a background check. Unless you decide to tell them yourself. It may be better to be open and honest about this subject so it doesn't appear that you are hiding something.


Answer by  John (9008)

Although laws vary from state to state, employers can generally refuse to hire someone due to any criminal history, even if they are never even convicted. A misdemeanor conviction is more than enough reason for an employer to legally refuse to hire someone; even an arrest would do it. Employers get broad discretion in hiring decisions.

Reply by andrewdanni (1):
How can I explore companies, if any, that would consider hiring misdemeaners  add a comment

Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Yes. It is within a company's right to decline to hire those with criminal records. Many employers specifically state that they will not hire felons. If you have multiple misdemeanors or a recent one, they can also decline to hire you due to a criminal record. If it involves theft or assault, they can also decline you.

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