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Question by  Anonymous

Can a U.S. felon travel to France?


Answer by  vgmaster937 (11)

A convicted felon can travel to France under certain conditions. As long as the felon is not under probation or parole, a United States felon is free to travel to any country of his or her choice.


Answer by  ashleyhotmama (28)

A convicted felon can leave the United States and travel to France, depending on the type of felony that have. If you have a passport and are not on probation or parole then you should be able to. It's all based on your criminal record.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Under current regulations, yes (provided sentencing/probation/parole terms don't specifically forbid it and the parole officer/judge signs off). Some countries won't without special permits (Canada) or deny visas, but a short visit to Europe should work. To be safe, check with the French consulate before traveling.

Reply by arch (1):
I\'m wondering if the same would hold true for business travel (Construction Management) to Saudi Arabia. I have no specific restrictions on my parole terms.  add a comment

Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Usually, after you serve your time and are allowed to hold a passport again. Check with the French Consulate to make sure they're won't be problems on their end.

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