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Question by  Al83 (21)

Can a testosterone shot raise your blood pressure?


Answer by  MedStudent01 (1131)

There may be a transient increase in blood pressure from the actual shot but testosterone should not significantly raise your blood pressure. In fact, testosterone has some scientific evidence linking it towards a healthier cardiovascular system. For men that take testosterone due to a hypogonadal state, no blood pressure side effects are expected.


Answer by  arthi (336)

Yes, there is a possibility of increase in blood pressure due to certain changes in hormone level, which may alter the systolic and diastolic range which result in alteration in blood pressure. also there can be change in kidney resorption which can also contribute to the problem though not directly but it can be influential.


Answer by  mrandy (140)

Yes, raised blood pressure is one of the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. The effect can be reduced by other medication or improvement in lifestyle.


Answer by  Sergiu (344)

Directly it cannot do that. Testosterone is a long acting hormone, it does not influence the blood vessels directly. However it causes humans to be more agressive and indirectly that can cause incresed blood pressure.


Answer by  marbozon (93)

Any sort of hormone replacement such as a testosterone supplement can certainly increase a person's blood pressure. In most cases, this will be a temporary side effect as the body adjusts to the new chemical balance and in time the pressure should return to normal as your metabolism recovers naturally.


Answer by  Anonymous

Some studies say yes, some studies say no. My personal experience, for a serious T deficiency (less than 100), is an actual lowering of blood pressure. However, the increase in quality of life, regardless of libido, is such that an increase in BP wouldn't bother me either.

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