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Question by  dearabba (8)

At what age does a boy know he's gay?


Answer by  wilde22 (11)

This varies greatly for different individuals. Some gay males say they have known as far back as they can remember; others recognized their orientation as pre-teens, teens, or even later.


Answer by  John (9008)

There is no set age for this. It varies tremendously from person to person. For some, it can happen as early as puberty, when a boy can realize that he is attracted to men rather than women. For others, however, it can take longer. Intolerance and social stigma can make it difficult to admit to yourself that you are gay.


Answer by  Tiara (351)

There is no particular age because being gay is not a natural way of life. Being gay is a choice, which can be made at any age.

Reply by ellerbellerz (141):
You are wrong. I won't bother debating with you because you are obviously too small-minded to even understand what I have to say.  add a comment

Answer by  Bob3782 (161)

Individuals discover their sexuality at a different age. Some people have claimed to have always known, others completely change their lives at 50. Puberty is the most common age.

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