Question by  TheFixer (27)

At what age can a dog get his ears clipped?


Answer by  starbuck (29)

A young dog can have his ears clipped between nine to tweleve weeks of age. This is the best time period, as the puppy is still growing, and the cartalige will be able to heal in the correct possition. As it is a major surgery, vetrinatians recomend leaving your dog in the hospital overnight.


Answer by  kelsgram (115)

The age that a dog should get his ears clipped all depends on what type of breed your dog is. Some gets can there ears clipped at 7 weeks why other dogs it is better to wait until 12 and 13 weeks. The best way to know what age your dog needs to be done is contact your local veterinarian.


Answer by  Ranger305 (96)

Your dog's ears can only be clipped as a puppy. This is a dangerous procedure and should only be done by your vet. There are no beneficial medical reasons to do this.


Answer by  BriarRose (18)

A dog can get his ears clipped before four to eight weeks, when they are still young. Then, the ears are supple and small, thereby making it easier to clip.

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