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Question by  JackMack (38)

Are you allowed to shoot a trespasser in any state in the nation?


Answer by  dentonbecca (270)

Being able to shoot a trespasser varies from state to some states a person must demonstrate a fear for life or property before such a shooting may be considered justified.


Answer by  Stan567 (417)

Many states have versions of the "castle doctrine," allowing use of deadly force to protect your home. However, very rarely does this allow you to shoot someone for simple "trespassing. " Almost always, this would be considered an unreasonable use of deadly force, and would usually be considered an aggravated assault subjecting you to criminal and civil consequences.


Answer by  queenbee77 (146)

No, you are not. The 'Stand your Ground' law is only in specific states such as Florida. If you can prove that you had to shoot someone in self defense, you may have a chance to fight any type of charge though. It will depend on the circumstances as to how it turns out.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

Yes, in Texas. There have been 2 incidents since the 1990s where trespassers have been shot in Texas and no charges were filed against the shooter. One was a trick or treater who had ignored multiple no trespassing signs. The other incident involved 3 burglars who were seen while carrying off their loot and the homeowner's neighbor shot them.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

There are certain conditions, varying from state to state, in which a trespasser can be shot. Some states rule that you can only shoot at someone if they are within your home, in other words, unless they come inside your house, there is nothing that you can do. Each state is different.


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

It depends. In any state, you are permitted to use deadly force in self defense if you have a reason to feel threatened by severe bodily harm/death. It has nothing to do with whether the other person is trespassing---it depends on if you are in fear of your life.

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