Question by  sherryk (621)

Are there any cruises (besides to Alaska) that are inside passage"?

I'm trying to keep it smooth to avoid sea sickness.


Answer by  Chuby1tubby (6)

I believe the only other inside passage cruise in the world is one up in northern Canada. This inside passage might actually be part of the inside cruise that leads to Alaska, but I'm not sure. This is your best bet, although I don't know the Cruise name.


Answer by  geekgirl (153)

There are many cruises that don't go out on to the big open oceans. There are the ones that go from New york area to Canada, I believe along the St. Laurent River. You may also want to consider the cruises that are at port for longer times so that you can get off the boat to avoid sickness.


Answer by  aga (5)

Instead of Alaska you can always do British Columbia, Canada cruise. BC Ferries have inside passage routes or you can charter a boat.


Answer by  Laurie21 (90)

A cruise of the Mediterranean Sea will be similar to an Alaskan cruise if you go during the right season. Between April and September the water will be less rough.


Answer by  Kaybaby (41)

Yes, there are many cruises that offer inside passage. The Royal Caribbean offers inside passage as well as other known cruise liners. Chat with your travel agent for more info.

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