Question by  melody (14)

Are tankini swimsuits good for serious swimmers?


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

Tankini swimsuits are not good for serious swimmers. They are not good because they create an unnecessary amount of resistance. The extra resistance impedes a swimmers ability to maintain the proper speed to "swim seriously".


Answer by  JaneRobbins (38)

No tankini swimsuits are not good for serious swimmers. Although it might look good, serious swimmers are burdened by flaps, folds and different materials being stitched together.


Answer by  bulit125 (37)

i feel that tankini swimsuits are good for serious female swimmers as the cling to the body and help the body stay in a slimline shape also the dont hang down anywhere so water does not slow you down catching on it.


Answer by  CMob05 (192)

if your a serious swimmer for excersise and compete, then no you need a swim suit that is going to hug your body and move with you.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

No because a one piece works better because there is no gap in the suit. When you are swimming you want something with as little traction as possible.

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