Question by  skullhead887 (1)

Are red ants bites dangerous?


Answer by  Victoria5out (17)

Red ant bites can be dangerous to certain individuals. To those that are not allergic, only common swelling and itching may occur. In others, along with the first two symptoms, skin infection and blistering can occur. If not treated, skin and tissue can become infected or even necrotic. Use of antibiotics are needed to treat this severity of bite.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

The sting of the red, or fire, ant is venomous and swells into a bump that forms a white pustule. This pustule can become infected if scratched and is best left alone, with a topical corticosteroid to reduce itching. Emergency treatment is necessary if an allergic reaction occurs like chest pain, sweating, serious swelling, loss of breath or slurred speech.

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