Question by  Ian92 (11)

Are peaches good for dogs?

My dog loves peaches.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Peaches, especially canned ones, are high in sugar content and therefore not particularly healthy in large quantity. It is okay to treat the dog fresh peach once in a while.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Yes, peaches are fine for dogs to eat. You can also let them eat carrots, corn (not on the cob), etc. Though you can't feed them grapes or raisons.

posted by Anonymous
Regarding the "corn" part of your answer, do not feed dogs 'pop corn'! The problem is that the hard shell of the popped corn has a dished shape (and hard edges. Thus, it can get caught on the soft interior tissues of the animal's mouth lining or throat. Dangerous!  add a comment

Answer by  shitalaluriyahoocom (43)

Peaches are fine but not the peach pit/seed. Studies have found that the seeds of peach , nectarines contain cyanide producing chemical which can be poisonous to dogs. This is considered as toxics.


Answer by  Letizia (6)

Some vegetarians tend to feed their dogs only with fruits and vegetables, and peach is included in the menu, but beware the fruit pits.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

Peaches are an acceptable treat for dogs. They are probably a lot better for your dog than commercially prepared "treats. " Just keep the total weight of all treats (including peaches) below 15% of your dogs total daily food intake to keep the dog from gaining weight.


Answer by  tbird (732)

Peaches will not hurt a dog, but you don't want to feed her too many regardless. Feeding her too much of any kind of "people food" usually leads to overeating. Some think that fruits are okay for dogs, but this isn't the case for grapes. So, peaches are okay, grapes aren't.

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