Question by  Lorri (37)

Are mums perennials or annuals?


Answer by  lovelife (998)

Mums are actually perennials. Many people think they are annuals because they go dormant in the winter months. If you protect them from the cold weather by covering with mulch, they will come back into bloom come spring.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Garden mums are perennials. They have underground runners that spread out. Mums bought in grocery stores or florists are annuals. They do not produce enough runners to do that.


Answer by  larrystate (129)

Perennials! They are my favorite fall flower. Mums are so colorful and versatile. They grow easily in pots or the ground. And if you don't like them, they are usually inexpensive enough to replace, so in this way could be considered annuals too! But, officially, they're perennials.


Answer by  case (1261)

Mums are perennials flowers so you will need to replace the mums very year. These flowers are seen in fall time and come in a variety of colors.


Answer by  Plantman (31)

Mums are actually perennials, and when cared for properly, can bloom year after year. To make sure they stay bright, just provide adequate water (But not too much, they prefer dry/rocky soil. ) Also it's best to keep them in direct sunlight.


Answer by  Ken56 (1160)

Mums are perennial flowering plants. There are about 30 species of mums. They are of the family Asteraceae. A mum is also called a Chrysanthemum.

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