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Question by  Harper (22)

Are high creatinine levels dangerous?


Answer by  sasser1102 (198)

Yes, they can be. High levels of creatinine can cause abnormal heart rhythms. It can also be associated with kidney problems. It can be just as dangerous as having low creatinine levels, which is why before many procedures and prescriptions now it required that you have your creatinine levels tested.

Reply by jwujcik (0):
my dad is 81 with diabetes, his blood creatinine is high and urine is low, they want to run more test, what will they be looking at  add a comment

Answer by  scigirl (129)

High creatine levels can be a sign that your kidneys are not functioning properly. It could also be a sign of damaged muscle tissue.


Answer by  les59 (852)

Yes, Creatinine levels that are too high can indicate a problem with the blood, or kidneys. In cases where it is too high, this could indicate that your kidneys are not filtering it out like they should. It could also indicate that your body is producing it too much and there is a problem in the blood.


Answer by  mjb (11)

High creatinine levels may be an indication that something that can have serious health implications is wrong with you and should be checked.


Answer by  Anonymous

Is it dangerous for 7 year to have ck levels 12,000. if so what is the danger

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