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Question by  poodle (24)

Are halogen bulbs dangerous to your health?

I have a lot of halogen bulbs in my house and someone told me to take them out.


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

The bulbs are not directly dangerous to your health. Halogen lamps, however, have a higher incidence of exploding and/or catching fire than florescent or incandescent bulbs.


Answer by  jlazar9 (42)

Halogen bulbs burn very hot. Many fire departments around the world have issued warnings about them. In certain types of fixtures can be dangerous. Torchiere lamps should not be used around children because they can be easily knocked over and cause a fire. You just need to use common sense around any type of heat generating lamp.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Although halogen bulbs burn longer than traditional light bulbs, but not as long as compact fluorescent bulbs, they can pose a fire hazard as they burn very hot. The biggest caution has to be keeping the bulbs away from drapes or other flammable materials and avoid touching them.


Answer by  trmelchi (34)

Halogen bulbs are versatile, provide a good source of light and last slightly longer than regular bulbs, but have no reported ill-effects to humans.


Answer by  Parvinderkaur (84)

Halogen bulbs are safe if used continuously for several hours. They are dangerous only if they are overheated as this can lead to catch on fire. Their advantage is that they last for a long time. Moreover, if you touch it with your bear figures than it can the bulb can be damaged.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

It hasn't been decided definitely. In 1992, the University of Genoa in Italy released a study linking halogen bulbs to skin cancer. The FDA claims that there isn't enough evidence to warrant action.


Answer by  Anonymous

you should. they say they cause depression. and if you break them they are also very hazardous , and may cause cancer.

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