Question by  raj (11)

Am I taking too much fish oil?


Answer by  begold (17)

If you are starting to look like a fish then yes. The sudden appearance of scales and/or gills might be a dead giveaway. Also being thirsty all the time could be a consideration. It could be possible that you are a mermaid, but that is a whole different problem.


Answer by  Ladymacbeth1980 (86)

I believe the recommended dosage is 2 1 gram capsules a day. I'm not sure fish oil has a toxicity level. I would make an appointment to discuss this with my doctor or pharmacist, but in the meantime you could utilize a website such as web MD and find out if they have information about fish oil.


Answer by  psvarthy (17)

According to FDA there is no standard dosage of fish oil,but FDA recommends that for a normal person 3g/day by 3dosages may good for health. For age 5+ 500mg/day,under 18 1500mg/day by 3dosages and for adult not exceed 3000mg/day by 3dosages. If it exceeds inconvenience may occur in body like diarrhea,skin allergy etc,.


Answer by  ilango (226)

as per doctor advice , if you take more than 3 grams per day continously more than six monthit will be danger to you. It will automatically increase the cholestral level and blood sugar. So heart patient and diabetis should consult the good medicalpractioner. Fish oil contents EPA and DHA. healthy people need not take fish oil regularly.


Answer by  kittykitty (39)

I would need far more information about your fish oil intake in order to answer this question. Like if you had said that "I am taking 1 cup of fish oil a day, is that too much? " would be a far better question. I would they say, "yes" that is far too much


Answer by  harycat (84)

How much fish oil are you taking? The easy answer to you question is that yes, you probably are taking too much fish oil. The human body does not require ANY fish oil at all, so you could safely remove it from your diet altogether. Common side effects of taking too much fish oil include upset stomach and diarrhea.

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